DALBY - Birrong



  Saturday 28 April, 2018  @ 10am

Birrong,  1122 Daandine Nandi Rd  DALBY

A/c Ian & Deb HOADLEY



John Deere 8100: registered, Serial # RWSG052036703, 3 metre spacing, 18.4R42 rear tyres, 16.9R2E front tyres, with nose tank (1500 ltr), 9029 hours, Trimble auto steer.

Spray Coupe 3640: 3362 hours, 12.4R32 rear tyres, 12.424 front tyres, 1200 tank, 24 metre, second diff, front tow hitch, registered 3975 IC.

John Deere 1700 Maxi Merge Plus: 8 metre liquid injection, 8 row trashwhippers, solid fert tubes.

Westfield Auger MK130-71 plus.

Hasting Side Tipper: Vin# 669T25000Y21Z9004, registered 902-QYP, 35000kg ATM.

Trimble: FMX 1000 screen to be sold separately.

John Deere 13 metre Maxemerge: 13 row, custom fold, liquid injection, heavy down force, trashwhippers, solid fert tubes.


Boat & trailer.

Selection Household Items: books, prints, kitchenware, student desk, furniture, doors, toys, dvd’s.

3 Tonne Seed Silo.

8 Tyne Ripper.

Windmill Tower.

Ascot Bristle Crop Fingers 42 ft: with vibramat not assembled.

42ft Sunflower/Sorghum fingers. 3 x Rolls 1600 chain wire netting.

Gold Acres Priarie Advance – 2005: Serial 8733, 5000 litre tank, 3 metre wheel centres, 36 metre boom.

White 18T Grain Buggy: Serial GB18-30, 30.5L-32 tyres.

Trailing Simplicity Planter: 12 metre, Excel single disc units on 33cm spacings.

10” x 30’ Westfield Auger:

Toyota Landcruiser – HZJ75 – Year 02/99: Vin# JT731PJ7508555675; registered 152-EXY, 249,483kms.

5000 litre Water Tank on 2 metre axles.

Trimble Ezi Guide 250. Trimble Ezi Steer. Howard Nugget Slasher: 6 foot.

5 tonne Finch Cattle Feeder Bin.

1000 litre Shuttles x 6.

Clark plastic tank silos: 1 tonne x 2.

1 tonne Anhydrous Tank

John Deere 1610 Chisel Plough: 5.5 metre.

Clark tank: 5000 gallon

17 Gyral Press Wheels & parts.

Mitze Grouper Bin: needs new augers.

Hayes & Baguley Shielded Sprayer: 8 metre.

Bushmans Water Tank: on skid, 5000 litres.

Clark Tank: 5000 litre.

Strainer Posts.

Pre drilled sawn fence posts.

Assorted plain & barb wire rolls.

5 Bar Gates x 3.

Assorted Mesh Panel Gates x 15.

Shed trusses.

Fuel Tanks x 3 (overhead).

Mobile Fuel Trailer: 1000 litres (not registered).

Heavy Tandem Trailer: with stock crate (not registered).

Assortment of garden mesh.

Second hand roofing iron.

New steel.

Steel off cuts.

Hydraulic rams.

Truck driver seat.

Tyned wheel track renovater.

8 metre Sunshine fire harrows.

New chisel plough points & sweeps.

3 x 1 Scuttler tynes.

Trailer tarp rails.

Module tarps: 40ft & 36ft.

Cotton rope.

Leyland Terrier V8 petrol tipper: broken gearbox (not registered).

Yamaha TT350: 1995


Mitre saw.

Outdoor table & chairs.

Antique wardrobe.

Wooden benches.

Slate pool table: needs refurbishment.

Plant pots.

Old dresser.

Ornamental wagon wheels.

Wooden steps.

Old wooden farm gates.

Clark garden box.

Baby Webers x 2.

Wooden seat with storage.

Office furniture: filing cabinets, desks x 2, cupboards, pigeon hole, desk chair.

Bench drill.

Galvanised storage cabinets: lockable x 2.

Galvanised shelving units. Selection of shed pigeon hole storage & cupboards. Wheelie bins. Assorted farm chemicals.

House paints: exterior & interior.

Single axle trailer: registered.

Scare Guns.

International Cyclo seeder bins x 2.

Gunedah Orbital seed grader.

Cattle feed tubs. Stock water troughs x 3.

Reinforced concrete mesh.

Drill press. Assortment of tyres.

Generlite generator: 3 KVA.

Antique pedestal scales. Push bikes.

Stratco Garden Shed: unpacked in kit form.

Screw in grain aerator.

Assortment of pavers & bricks.

Building material. Gas bottles: 9kg.PVC Pipes.Electrical conduit.

Maxi Merge planter parts & assorted spares.

Electric cement mixer.

OUTSIDE entries

18m Ute mounted boom;



12 km along  north Daandine  Rd from intersection with Surat Rd, just 1.5km west of Loudon Bridge.   Signs will direct


Refreshments will be available


Strictly payment by cash or cheque on sale day. All buyers must register and bidding numbers will apply, photo ID required. GST will apply to all lots.

Sale Date

  • 28 April 2018

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