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Well-known local identity and local Real Estate Agent Warren Barker has been living in the Chinchilla area for over 50 years. With over 25 years plus experience in all aspects of real estate, Warren is one of Chinchilla’s most experienced real estate professionals.
Warren is an experienced negotiator and licenced auctioneer and can help with all of your real estate needs which may include Appraisals, Listing, Marketing, Clearing Sales and Auctions. Coming from a rural back ground, Warren is foremost a rural specialist but is experienced with residential home and land sales.
As a member of the local community, Warren is a life member of Chinchilla Swimming Club and the Chinchilla Apex Club as well as supporting the Chinchilla Polocrosse Club.
Warren’s wife Bev forms the second arm of Team Barker. She comes from a rural back ground and has a genuine interest in all aspects of real estate. Bev brings to the team years of knowledge and experience in sale administration.

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6 listings found
  • SOLD by Warren Barker

    Miles, 29 Condamine Street

    Sold for $95,000

    • Listing: CHI2323
  • SOLD by Warren Barker

    Warra, 26 Thorn Street

    Sold for $75,000

    • Listing: CHI2298
  • Sold by Warren Barker

    Chinchilla, Lot 4 Robbos Road

    Sold for $28,000

    • Listing: CHI2292
  • SOLD by Warren Barker

    Brigalow, 10 Mulga Street

    Sold for $8,000

    • Listing: CHI2258
  • Sold by Warren Barker

    Chinchilla, Lot 2 Dawson...

    Sold for $175,000

    • Listing: CHI2266
  • SOLD by Warren Barker

    Chinchilla, 519 Montrose Road

    Sold for $260,000

    • Listing: CHI2229