NARRIKUP - 409 Settlement Road

Western Australia


Tuesday 5th February 2019, 11am

409 Settlement Road, Narrikup

RG Woodward & Co


  • Tractors

WMC 30 Loader, general purpose 2.5 cu metre bucket, 2.5 cu metre rock bucket, heavy duty pallet forks, 5 cu metre forage buck rake for pit silage. 1350hrs; New Holland T7070, Quicke Front End Loader with general purpose bucket, two hay roll spears. 3100hrs; New Holland TM175, 4400hrs; New Holland T6010, Plus Front End Loader with general purpose bucket hay spears. 2300hrs; Ford 8340. 8100hrs; Ford 7810, Wilson Front End Loader GP bucket, pallet forks, hay forks, hay spears. 5500hrs; John Deere 4050, 9000hrs; Massey Ferguson 265. 6600hrs; Massey Ferguson 35 petrol, PTO Pulley, post borer;Ford 8401; Ford 7840 (wrecking) good tyres, TPL quick hitch separator, Pedrick Front End Loader, general purpose bucket, spool, hoses and control; Rear Tyres, 1 of 23.1-30, 1 of 620/75 R34; 2 x Lincoln Welders / Power, PTO on trailers; 3 Electric Motors; Honda Motor.

  • Trucks

Mitsubishi Fighter 10.0, drop side 4.4 metre tipper. 91,000km. Separate Forage high sides and tail gate; Kenworth Six Wheeler 4.9 metre bowl tipper, recon motor. Separate Forage high sides and tail gate; Mitsubishi FM 5.4 metre Tray Top Tipper, recon motor. Separate Cattle Crate on Hobbs Hoist; Ford DO810, 3.5 tonne tipper, recon 6.5litre motor, unlicensed; Truck Weigh – Cell platform.

  • Motorbike

Suzuki DR 200

  • Dairy 

DeLaval DX/C 6000ltr Vat (New); Alfa Laval, Century 5000 litre Vat, new agitator; Alfa Laval 1800 litre Vat & compressor (disconnected); De Laval Harmony Clusters, 18 in use; VP77 Vacuum pump & spare; Twin headed Diaphram milk pump & spare; Alfa Laval heat exchange cooler, reconditioned 36 plates; Teat Spray Unit with automatic pre mix; 18 Tru-test Milk Meters: 18 in-place Teat Cup Cleaning Assemblies plus 25 spares; Cableveyor Feed System, new chain & drive unit, 34 dispensers & droppers; Eriez Vibratory Mineral Dispenser; Wilson 400 litre Electric Water Heater (new) on purpose stand; 50 Teat Trailing Calferteria; 12 Teat Partition Calf Feeder; 3 Litre Teat Partition Calf Feeder; 3 Test Buckets; ATV Trailer & Calf Crate; Ideal Calf Puller with chains & Eye Hooks; De Laval Rubber Yard Matting, 420 Sq metres; Five HP Mono Pump; Jumbo 1800 gal Manure Spreader 9” & 4” suction hoses;

  •  Feeding

2 x 2000 Bushell GT Silos; 500 Bushell GT dispensing Silo; Hawk Double Bank Roller Mill, three shaft driven augers, fully automatic, spare WEG motor; Grain Commander 9” 47ft Auger 469 with windup lift; Grain Commander 9” 41ft Auger, hydraulic lift & travel; Giltrap RF 16 Silage Wagon; Silocut 1cu metre Shear grab; 18 large Hay Roll Rings; 5 Moylan Sheep feeders, 85 bag; Kerry Sidewinder; Buckton Silage Wagon (needs work); Taige Hay Feed out Machine (needs works); 10 x Geared Tape Reels, Tread in posts; 2 x 4” Pencil Augers

  • Pasture & Sowing

Marshall Multispreader 960 T-L (new); Breviglieri 3 metre Rotary Hoe; Agro Drill, coil tyne, 18 row; Ten tonne Melville Ribbed Stone Roller; 2 x Scarrifiers, 29 tyre; Massey Fergesson 24 tyre Drill, small seeds box; Covering Harrows, 5 4x4 heaves (new); GPS, Outback; GPS, Compass; 2 x Fuel Trailers, 2200 litres, 1000 litres; Silvan 2000 litre Spray Unit; Silvan 400 litre TPL, PTO Spray Unit; Silvan 200 litre Spot Spray Unit on trailer; Fuel Tanks, ground level. 1400ltrs, 1100ltrs, 1000ltrs; TPL Ripper, Pipe Layer.

  • Harvest

Taarup Bar Mower, 3.2 metre cut; Pottinger Bar Mower, 3 metre cut; New Holland FP 240 Forage Harvester; New Holland BR1070 Round Baler, net wrap; Claas Twin Liner 1550 Hay/Silage Rake; Massey Ferguson 12 Square Baler; 42ft Triaxle Semi on single dolly; Flexigrip Round Bale Silage Handler; Dolly, single on 900 x 20s, 2” turn table; Turn table, 2”.

  • Sheep

TPW Electric Wool Press; Mobile Sheep Yards, drafting trailer; 5 x Shearing Heads; Wool Bale Scales; Wool Table.

  • Cattle

Cow Hip Hoist Lift; Downer Cow Sling Assembly; 2 x Bolt on Head Bales; Cattle Scales (mechanical); Dehorners; 3 x Poly Dog Kennels.

  • Concrete

Teagle Cement Mixer, TPL, PTO; Trough Moulds 7000 litres; Trough Mould 3000 litres; Wall Mould 900x1200 panels; 2 x Pipe Moulds 8ft x 18”; Pad & Path laying forms.

  • Water

Southern Cross Windmill on 30ft Tower; MBP Windmill Head; 30’ four post Tower; 3 brass 2 ½ “ Windmill Pumps; Poly fittings.

  • Workshop

Cartridge Grease Guns; 2 Air Grease Guns, 20 litre Drums; 4ft Roller Door; Blackboard, 4.8 x 1.2 metre; Sundries, large amount too numerous to mention.



Light luncheon and refreshments available


Payment required by Cash or Cheque on the day of the sale, unless prior arrangements have been made with your local Landmark Branch.

EFTPOS/Credit Card Facilities.

Intending purchasers must register prior to sale commencing, ID required for registration.

Please call to check availability of items prior to the sale.

No outside vendors.


  Landmark Mt Barker - Harry Carroll 0428 936 463

Technical Details - Greg Woodward - 0409 532 055 

Sale Date

  • 05 February 2019

Contact Details

  • Harry Carroll
  • Landmark Mt barker

  • m: 0428 936 463